Getting married the
easy way in Hong kong

At you can put together your own marriage in Hong Kong,
with only the extras and services you really need and want.

Our basic rate costs only 199€
and guarantees you can get married in Hong Kong!

Why should you get married in Hong Kong?

A marriage in Hong Kong is the quick and easy solution, for couples from different Nations, to get married without encountering big, bureaucratic obstacles.


By international law, the marriage in Hong Kong is recognized and accepted worldwide. This is true, no matter where you or your partner are from.

Fast visa process

Therefore, a marriage in Hong Kong enables you to apply and receive a Visa very quickly following your wedding. So nothing stands in the way of your future.

All around secured

Our service provides the necessary security to successfully conclude the marriage in Hong Kong with all requirements and all administrative procedures.

Getting married in Hong Kong
– only pay for what you need

Our basic rate only costs 199 €, and guarantees that you can get married in Hong Kong. The Basic rate is made up of 4 main services that we provide. The basic rate services are:

1. Planning of your wedding date

Together with you, we plan and organize your marriage in Hong Kong for your desired wedding date. This means we register your marriage with the official Marriage Office in Hong Kong, (Notice of Intended Marriage) and explain you what else is you need to do whilst in Hong Kong.

2. Complying and completing all required documents

Depending on what citizenship you and your partner have, we will explain you exactly what documents are required from you to get married and help you fill them out correctly. After which, we will double-check them for you again.

3. Confirmation of your wedding date

Once all the documents have arrived and been processed at the Marriage Office in Hong Kong, we will receive a final official confirmation of your desired wedding date. Now the planning of your journey to Hong Kong can begin!

4. Assistance, Hong Kong guide booklet and personalised wedding schedule

Before and during your stay in Hong Kong, we will always be just a phone call away to provide you with assistance and answer any question you may have. In addition, we provide you with a useful guide booklet for Hong Kong, as well as your personal schedule for your wedding in Hong Kong, containing all the vital information.

Plan your dream wedding in Hong Kong

We love helping you get married in Hong Kong quickly and easy, as we have done for many couples before. In addition though, we offer the possibility for you to conveniently add extra services to and around your wedding. So, according to your personal wishes and budget, you can have the wedding you really want and only pay exactly for what you actually need. Rest assured, we will do everything we can to make you have an unforgettable time.

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